Our House Sold in One Day: 5 Things to Know About Staging Your Home to Sell

I shared recently that we sold our beloved Arkansas home in just one day (and I gave tips on improving curb appeal,  master bathroom, and laundry room)!

Staging your home to sell is so important. You can have a great layout, size, and finishes but if you don’t stage well to play them up, your house can sit on the market. Think like a buyer and be ready to make some changes!

Here are my 5 tips for staging your home to sell:


Clear off your surfaces (counters, end tables, mantle) and have minimal décor on them (if anything). You don’t want buyers to be so distracted by your gnome figurine collection that they don’t realize how incredible your house is. The goal is for them to be able to picture themselves in your home. If it screams so much about you, it’s going to be difficult for buyers to look past that.



That’s right. Remove all family photos or specific décor (think sports team-related and spiritual). It might seem like you are left with a “cold” house, but in reality what you are left with is a simple, fresh house. This is a home buyers can picture themselves and their things in. Yes, you are still living in your home in the meantime, but keep the goal in mind- your home being open and appealing to buyers. The easier it is for them to visualize themselves in your home, the better.



The first time we sold our home we cleaned it all ourselves. The second time around we were fortunate enough to be able to hire someone to deep clean for us. A house can be really outdated but will look so much better if it’s clean. Make sure to go crazy- dust the air vents and scrub the grout. It matters. Buyers want a home that (looks like it) has been taken care of.

Think neutral.

You want buyers to visualize themselves living in your home and their things in your space. It’s easiest to do this if your décor and paint is neutral. Bold wall colors especially can be big turn-offs. Buyers just think of the work they will have to do to change it. So get out your brush and roller and paint a nice grey or beige over that bold wall color. Light neutral colors tend to make your home feel bigger too- talk about bang for your buck.


Show it off.

This goes along with de-cluttering and cleaning. If your kitchen counters, closets, or garage are full of stuff, it looks smaller. Clear it all off/out to the minimum. This makes the space look so much larger! Plus, it’s motivation to start packing!

For example, in the kitchen I only leave out absolute necessities (if anything) such as my knife block and crock for utensils. Appliances hanging around on the counter can make it seem like you lack storage. Even if you do, don’t let buyers know!

Similarly, you don’t want your closets to seem jam-packed of clothes/shoes/skeletons because this gives the illusion that it’s small and not enough space. Pack away seasonal clothes and make it obvious you have plenty of storage space!


We have practiced these tips when getting our homes ready to sell in the past and have gotten compliments about how great they look. And this time, our house sold in just a day! What tips would you add?

staging pm

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