We Sold Our House In One Day: 5 Things to Paint For A Budget-Friendly Update

It’s been about 9 weeks since we sold our house- in just one day! I’ve been sharing posts about preparing to sell your home (curb appeal, master bathroom, laundry room, staging tips) and I hope they have been helpful!

Although it can seem odd to spend money improving a home you are planning to sell, some improvements will definitely pay off, and painting is one of them. Beside painting the walls of your home a nice neutral color, here are

5 things in your home you can paint for a budget-friendly update.

paint five things

Front door


Make your front door look great with a fresh coat of paint. Buyers will be looking at it while the realtor gets the key out, so make it count! We went with a fresh, bright aqua to contrast the orange brick (see the post here) of our home. Choose a color that is generally pleasing (think black, grey, blue, green) and contrasts with your home’s color.

Interior doors

If your doors are in good shape, a new coat of paint is likely due! Fresh white paint can make them look new.



Chances are your baseboards and door trim have taken a beating over the years. Give them and any crown molding a fresh coat of white semi-gloss paint for a big impact.



Sure, painting your cabinets may not be cheap, but it’s definitely inexpensive compared to new ones. If your cabinets are in good shape but are simply outdated in stain or color, a new coat of paint can give your kitchen an entirely new look. I would recommend white since it is classic and generally appealing. Read how we painted our cabinets here.

Fireplace face


Do you have a dated, gold fireplace face? The shine can be blinding and be an instant turn off. Use high-heat paint to make it look sleeker (and less noticeable). Read how I did it here.

These projects can help you take your home from outdated and dingy to fresh, neat, and ready to sell!

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