Console Table Makeover

I re-painted the console table that was in our dining room a few months ago. I had started paining it Sage Green during a chalk paint class and never finished it.

See the bare legs? 
One night I decided to give it a pop of color.

I mixed up some chalk paint from a sample size pot of a fun, creamy orange/coral color.

 Two coats later this table looks so fun!

It was there for a while but I moved it to the entry way at our old house and loved it there too!

It’s now in the living room of our Austin rental acting as a sofa table…

I’ve been loving adding bright colors to our home lately and this table fits the bill!

What do you think of the bright color?


3 thoughts on “Console Table Makeover

  1. What a fun color! Reminds me of a creamsicle! I just looked around your blog for a while and think it’s wonderful. Hope you’re able to continue posting. :) I absolutely adore the gray you chose for your living room and your dining room table is awesome! Thanks for sharing your passion, art, and home, it inspired me today! Have a great week!

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