New Rental House Tour 

I’ve been sharing a lot about our old Arkansas home lately since we moved out a few months ago. I’m happy to finally start sharing about our rental in Austin!

We decided to rent in Austin for two main reasons: we wanted to save money for a while for a good down payment and we wanted to take time to figure out where exactly we wanted to buy.

After looking at TONS of rentals all over Austin we decided the South Austin area was right for us. It’s about 10-ish minutes from downtown which is perfect. We are still close to all the fun stuff (which is really everywhere, not just downtown) but enjoy the benefits of the distance like lower rent and larger homes with yards.
While renting is a great time to try that tiny place close to downtown and live it up for a bit, we decided we wanted to rent where we could see ourselves buying. We wanted to get a feel of the area, neighborhoods, stores and to see if we like the commutes to our regular stops like work, church, and friends. I also really wanted to be in a quiet neighborhood so I could go for walks with the fur babies.
The process of finding a rental in Austin was a bit frustrating. The housing goes VERY quickly and having two large dogs limited the landlords willing to rent to us, even with a large pet deposit. But, we were diligent in checking the availability and communicating with our realtor and we are renting a great house in a great location that will serve us perfectly for at least a year.

Here is a tour of the main living area and kitchen before we moved in…

The breakfast area is on the left where the lighter flooring is. The slider to the backyard is to the left of that area. The door off of the breakfast area is to the master bedroom.

I’m so excited to have a bar in the kitchen again!

On the right you can barely see the front door and entry way. In the right corner is the hallway leading to the two secondary bedrooms and bathroom. We love the split floorplan and how open it is!

When this photo was taken Steven was standing in the living room with the “dining room” to the right….

This is looking with your back to the entry. “Dining room” on the left and living room on the right. It’s a great big room and we decided to utilize the space a little differently…

Here is a wider shot of the living room, with the breakfast area and kitchen just to the right. Great tall ceilings and so many windows!

It’s a great layout and I couldn’t wait to make it feel like us. I love the large open space, natural light, and hard floors. I’m focusing on lots of flexible seating and creating “sections” of the large living/formal dining area.

I will be sharing more soon about how we utilized this space and made a rental really feel like home!

What do you think of our rental? Do you have any rental tips?



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