Creating A Room Layout

When I was little, I loved to rearrange my room. I would get graph paper, measure my furniture, cut out the pieces, and move them around my room on paper.
I loved to imagine new possibilities and functions.
Fifteen years later, I am much the same. Our new rental in Austin has a spacious living room (right below) open to a formal dining room (left below) that left me scratching my head about layout. Read more about our rental and see more pics from my last post here.
With lots of windows, a fireplace, and being open to the kitchen and breakfast area there was no arrow saying to put your furniture here.
I decided to make an old-fashioned furniture layout to practically envision the furniture options.  Creating a furniture layout on paper can help you to visualize possibilities without the heavy lifting!
I first needed to determine what the function was of the room and our priorities.

Thinking about a room’s function is vital for any space, whether it’s new or you have lived in it for years. It can help to define the space and guide your furniture choices and layout.

We plan on having people over regularly and need to have flexible seating to hold up to 25 people comfortably for discussion.
I also considered the fact that we love to watch tv and movies together so it makes sense for our couches to comfortably face the tv.
While there was the option have one very large living area encompassing the living and dining areas, I decided to utilize the formal dining space separately. I prefer cozy living spaces that allow for more comfortable conversation space.
Flexible seating is key here! Our living room is open enough to bring in stools and chairs to accommodate more seating as needed while maintaining a cozy and intimate space.
I considered options for the formal dining area. We sold our large farmhouse table and decided use a smaller table in the breakfast nook. Our gatherings are typically very casual so we end up eating around the sofas anyways rather than at the table. This formal space gets great natural light and would make for a comfortable space to sit with a book, so a reading corner made sense.
With all those thoughts, I then needed to know if our large furniture would fit or make sense. So I made a makeshift grid and cut out the furniture!
With this I was able to have a concrete information that told me our furniture would fit in a realistic and functional way. It made it easy for our movers to place furniture and allowed me to just jump in for the adjustments and decorating!

Take a few minutes and think about your living room. What is it most commonly used for? Does the furniture layout make sense for how you utilize the space regularly? If not, think about making a furniture layout on paper to discover new possibilities! You might be surprised at the options!


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