Eclectic Gallery Wall

I didn’t get to see our rental in person before moving in. And no, this is not going to become a regular occurrence. Hopefully we won’t be moving out-of-state again where my husband is left to find our next residence without me. For this time, I made sure that he took a lot of pictures for me and even got measurements for the floor plan.
I dream about decorating my home before I go to sleep so dreaming about how to decorate our new rental occupied my mind for weeks before seeing in person. There’s a large wall in the hallway connecting the entryway to the living room that I thought would be perfect for a gallery wall.
I loved our hallway gallery in our last home but I’ll admit that it felt a little claustrophobic and also had a lot of our faces.
I’ve learned that when framing things in your home, especially in a gallery wall, it can look awesome and personal without seeing your faces over and over again. Sometimes that’s a little much for people.
For our new gallery wall I used a few typography prints, some of our Waterlogue prints, a large print that was clipped to our rustic door, and a few favorite photos of us. I even got a little frame for this really sweet card my husband gave me for our anniversary recently. All our frames are Ribba from Ikea.
Because the frames are so many different sizes and contain different things, I wanted to do a more organic layout, not a grid.
We started with the largest print and just added as we went with no real formula. We just tried to keep them evenly spaced and spread them out over the wall.
It turned out really well and we just love it. I love how it has some of my favorite photos of us but also gives a nod to some of the best places we’ve been (Waco, Chicago, San Diego) and to some of my favorite literary quotes from Jane Austen. It represents us so well and it gives guests a perfect representation of us.

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