New Rental Living Room

A few weeks back I shared our new rental tour and my layout for our living room in our new Austin rental.


I went old school and did a hand-drawn layout so I knew everything would fit.


Well it all worked and we are spendidly moved in. Here’s a tour of the living room in our new house…

This is the view from the hallway coming from the entry…


Yes the layout is different since the fireplace is not the focus but it made the most sense to center the room around the tv on the wall. I’m not going to lie, we love to watch tv and so there’s no reason to make life harder than it needs to be.


Our adorable console table (see the makeover here) is perfect as a sofa table since there is less room for side tables.


We are still loving our Ikea Karlstad couches. This dresser I just shared about houses our DVDs and some blankets.


We got a new coffee table from Ikea because a round one made more sense for the new arrangement. I love the glass and how visually open it is. p.s. more on the gorgeous bookshelf in the background soon. :)


You may notice the rug is in a new space. It was in our dining room in our Arkansas home, but since we opted for a smaller dining space and sold our big farmhouse table, the rug happily made a new home in our living room. And I stinkin’ love it. It brings so much color.


Perhaps one of my favorite places in our new house is this corner. As you can tell it gets TONS of natural light and is an excellent place to read. Fitz our fiddle leaf fig is happy as a clam here too.


Have y’all met my cow painting yet? My sweet hubby had her custom made for me for Christmas because I love cows. Our wedding anniversary is even the number on her ear tag. All the feels.


Teal candles help the mixed pairs of crystal, milk glass, and silver candlestick holders to feel cohesive and fun.


We are in love with our new house and especially this living room. I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of it and I can’t wait to share more!


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