Thoughts on Marie Kondo’s method

Thing are moving along here at the Hill house in Austin. It’s been almost a month since I posted, and since then I finished my job in Arkansas, moved the rest of my stuff to Austin, went on vaca with my hubs to Cancun for a week, went on vaca to Ca for a week, and then puttered around the house for a week. Can you tell I’m not working yet? That will start in the next week or two, so until then I am trying to get my life/house/crap together.

I had heard about the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo from a few places- blogs and my fantastic sister-in-law. I knew this was something I wanted to read and do but I was advised (wisely) by my SIL to wait until I had time to employ her methods.


So, before we left for Mexico I bought the book and tore through it in less than 24 hours. I couldn’t wait to start “Konmari-ing” my house and I certainly couldn’t stop talking about it.

I’ve “tidied” a few areas of our home already and I can’t wait to show y’all before and afters!


Here’s a lowdown of the book:

  • Written by Marie Kondo, a tidying guru in Japan whose tidying consulting company has a 3 month waiting list. So, she wrote a book to share her insights.
  • She talks about the difference between “tidying” and “cleaning”– tidying is doing something with your things that you control, cleaning is doing something with the stuff that accumulates that you cannot control (i.e. dirt).
  • Tidying is different than clutter. She reiterates in the book that if you do a tidying marathon one time, thoroughly and quickly, you will never tidy again (because you tidy what you own and change your mindset about what you then acquire). And by tidying you virtually eliminate clutter because…
  • The two main goals outlined in the book are to: go through every single item in your home (and there is a specific method) and ask does this spark joy? if so, you keep it, if not, it goes. After that is complete, you organize your home (again, methodically) so that every item has a place and you put it in its place every time.

 I’ve realized as I look through my home at all our stuff that I was doing the opposite of what Marie Kondo recommends. I have been buying cheap things that are just okay with the justification that it’s inexpensive.

I have so many clothes and decor items that I purchased because they were inexpensive and I liked them alright. But I wasn’t in love with them and the only joy they sparked was that part of my brain that gets excited about buying something (but then soon after felt guilty because I knew I had wasted my money). That feeling stinks.

So I’ll be sharing more about my journey, my tidying, organizing, and thoughts.

highly recommend this book. I didn’t think we were hoarders, pack rats, or had stuff we didn’t need. But now I’m convinced we do. And we have had 3 garage sales in 3 years. Gulp.

Have you read this book or heard of it? What are you thoughts? Have you “Konmari’d” your house at all? I would love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Marie Kondo’s method

  1. I’ve read the book. Now I hear that little voice saying ‘does this spark joy?’ It’s life changing! I now have the ability to get rid of stuff that is holding me down. Everything I keep, I keep because it does spark joy ;-)

    BTW, I love your living room in your rental!

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