How I KonMarie’d My Closet

About a month ago I shared my initial thoughts about the KonMarie tidying method.

I promised more posts about how I had been implementing the method and I’m finally back to share!

When I moved all my clothes into our rental, it was a little… messy.

My closet (we have a larger walk-in and 2 smaller) was busting with hanging clothes- I couldn’t move clothes on the rod. And the 4 drawers I occupied in our dresser were completely full (and I had another drawer in the guest dresser). And multiple boxes in the garage and coats in the other closet. Get the picture?

So after I finished The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Upknew my clothes needed to be attacked. Plus, they are first on the list of tidying.

konmari book

Here’s the method recommended. Take everything out on the floor. Pick up each item in your hands and ask yourself does this bring me joy? If so, you keep it. If not, it goes.

One thing I came across was asking myself, does this fit me still? Maybe I should try it on to find out so I don’t get rid of something I would actually wear. I was talking to my sister (-in-law technically) about my process since she KonMarie’d before I did and she very wisely told me that if I didn’t know if it still fit well that I hasn’t worn it recently enough to keep it. In other words, get rid of it- you don’t actually love it or you would’ve worn it. 

So, I spent the afternoon going through every.single.piece of clothing I own.

I widdled my sandals from this (left) to this (right).

Pajamas from way too many t-shirts with paint on them to only one that I love and the rest went bye-bye. (Oh and I invested in a good pair of pjs that are actually pjs, not workout shorts and old free t-shirts- life-changer).

My tops got downsized significantly.

I even went through my undergarments, socks, “winter” clothes, purses, belts, scarves, EVERYTHING.

I wanted to free up that dresser for my hubby and so I gave up all my drawers except the top one. Now, ALL my clothes (including my coats) are contained in my closet or that one drawer.

There is also a KonMarie way to organize your clothes. I won’t bore you too much with specifics, but you fold so that you lay them horizontally instead of stacking. So you can see every item in the drawer. It has been so helpful. I now know that I never need to buy a navy t-shirt again. When you can see all your options all the time is helps you to wear a greater variety, not just whatever is on top.

I used this with my t-shirts and pjs that I now keep in the plastic drawer set that stays in my closet.


I also bought this over-the-door shoe organizer.


Here’s a look of the rest of the closet…

It’s so nice now to have everything contained. And everything I own is now something I love. It makes it so much easier to pick out what to wear.

I got rid of 6 bags of clothes (and I got rid of probably 3 bags more a few months ago before our pre-move garage sale).


Now that everything was organized I could easily identify the “holes” in my wardrobe. And now when I shop, I employ the KonMarie method. I think, does this spark joy? and do I need this? instead of this is cheap and it’s alright. I should get it. Because almost all the things I had bought and thought that are now gone.

I’m shopping more intentionally and am ok if I shop and don’t buy a single thing. I’m also working on buying investment pieces slowly that I love and can last a long time and work hard for me instead of not really loving it and wanting to replace it a few months later.

My biggest takeaway has been that it doesn’t matter what you spent on an item it before. That doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t bring you joy now. So get rid of it. It’s hard for the thrifter in me to get rid of things I paid for and hardly used. But instead of feeling guilty I am trying to lighten my load and instead learn from this.

Whew! Who would’ve thought tidying up would envoke such emotion and teach you lessons?

I KonMarie’d our bathroom too so I’m looking forward to sharing it soon!

What do you think of the KonMarie method? Have you used this method of organizing your clothes?


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