Five Ways to Add Quirk To Your Home

 Over the last few years I have really started to make our home feel more like us. And us is quirky. Well I am quirky. I’ve realized that my style is a mashup and doesn’t fall into a particular genre. More Jonathan Adler meets Joanna Gaines meets Ikea hackers meets Junk Gypsy than any one of those alone.
Any you know what? I love my home so much more. When I tried to make it look like a specific style it felt unfinished and impersonal. But when I started adding bursts of quirk that I loved even if to some (even my husband) it looked weird or to others was too bold I felt much more comfortable. I am surrounded by what I love.
Here are 5 ways I’ve been adding quirk into our home.
1. Adding colors unexpectedly.
I love using color in a different way than the norm. Such as brightly colored candles with my classy milk glass, silver, and crystal candlesticks.
2. Give a fun nod to your home.
We call Texas home now, again, but when we didn’t I bought this armadillo figure as a nod to my husband’s home state’s official animal.
3. Add bold prints.
I had played it safe for so long with neutral colors. I wasn’t planning on buying our now beloved bold Moroccan rug but when a more neutral one wasn’t the right size I started looking elsewhere and instantly fell in love with this gem. It’s one of my favorite things in my home for its bright colors on a traditional print.
4. Original art.
Look for (or have commissioned) original art that inspires you. My sweet husband knows I love cows (for some reason) and had this made for me by a local artist. It’s pretty random as our home is far from Western but it brings me joy.
5. Anything that makes you smile, no matter how odd it may be.
I bought a large birdcage with a stand and proudly brought it home. My husband didn’t get it, and still doesn’t. I put my snake plants inside it and love how it’s a unique way to house them. Nobody else may think it’s cool but I do. And that’s what matters.
No matter how you do it, adding quirk to your home means adding personality. More than your home looking like a magazine or tv show it should look like you.
Take a look around your home. Do the things in it represent you and what you love? If not, start looking for ways to inject some personality into your home.

2 thoughts on “Five Ways to Add Quirk To Your Home

  1. This is totally me. People come to my house and tell me they never would have put that together but it all works. It’s clea, organized and ME!! Not trying to be a magazine.

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