Tidying Our Master Bathroom

Today we are continuing on my KonMari journey. If you aren’t familiar, the KonMari method is an approach to tidying (not organizing or cleaning) your home. The basic principles are these: you first (systematically) go through every single item in your home, hold it in your hands, and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If the answer is yes, you keep it. If not, it goes. Then you find a permanent home for everything so you can easily put things away .

I shared my thoughts after reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and also how I KonMari’d my closet (it’s still looking great BTW).

Today I’m showing you how I KonMari’d our master bathroom.

Here are some of the “before” shots. Now mind you I had just moved into our new rental in Austin so it was naturally disorganized. But still.

Not so pretty. Or helpful.

Next I took EVERYTHING out and sorted it into categories.


I got rid of things we didn’t need, use, things that were expired, and things that didn’t bring me joy. In your bathroom there are probably things you need to keep that don’t “bring you joy” per say. So the method is to keep what you need, use, and like.

Travel shampoos I didn’t like? Gone.

Old nailpolish I never used? Gone.

Makeup I hadn’t used in years? Gone.

Extra toiletry bags? Gone.

Y’all. It was ridiculous.

After I set to organizing. I used organization trays and drawers from Ikea and WalMart to keep things corralled and labelled.

We now only have what we need and actually use. And I discovered we have lots of extra shampoo. Keeping all of each item in one place prevents overbuying unnecessarily. And you always know what you have and where to find it.

Here’s our “travel” bin with the travel basics.


Here’s our closet nice and tidy now.


One of the best moves was to hang hooks on the back of my cabinet door and inside to hang my hair tools. Such a space-saver.

This may be mundane but it’s made things so much easier. I know where to immediately look for allergy medicine or if I’m packing for out of town.

Have you tried this tidying method? What has worked for tidying your bathroom?


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