A Hiatus and What I’ve Been Up To

I’ts been a while- unintentionally. I haven’t posted in a few weeks- it started with us going to Philadelphia at the beginning of May for a conference for my work (I’m a nurse practitioner). Great trip with lots of yummy food and historical sites.

Then when we got back I jumped into hyper-flooring-mode. I have plans for the outside (read HERE) and so the flooring needs. to. get. done. now. Thankfully Steven dominated the floors on Memorial Day and our kitchen and dining room is all but done now- our stove and fridge are back in place! Hooray! Only 2 rooms left and some lots of finishing touches.

After a lot of work on flooring, I realized I had been neglecting my booth at BrickCity Emporium. It’s been slow because of all the rain but it also just started looking stagnant. I hadn’t changed it up much in a while. I worked hard this weekend, passing the floors off to Steven and throwing myself into painting.

I made a bunch of chicken-wire frames, a message board, and some cool vintage prints. 

I also transformed these stools (this is the before) with the plan to sell them… and then decided to keep them. Of course. 

Tutorial and reveal coming soon!

I am also working on a custom dresser (in coral!) and can’t wait to get started on more furniture. The break from the booth was good for me to realize how much I truly enjoy it. I’m having a class this Saturday (May 30) at BrickCity Emporium! I will be teaching basic chalk paint skills and then students get to practice by painting their own rustic frame they get to keep! I can’t wait for this class. Plus, it’s only $30 and spots are still available- just call BrickCity if you are in the area.

I hope to be checking in again soon with more substantial posts. Make sure to follow me on Instagram HERE to see what I’m up to!