My Favorite Blogs

If you are like me, you adore a good blog. Blogs are truly incredible. You don’t have to pay for them and yet you get an endless stream of incredible free knowledge, inspiration, and ideas.


Want to know an even easier way to keep up with all your favorite bloggers other than checking their sites or subscribing via email?


Are you on Bloglovin? If not, here’s how to know if you should be: Do you love or read blogs? Then you should be on it.

Now that I use Bloglovin I don’t have to try to remember all the blogs I love and check their sites daily. I can just click on the fabulous app and see what’s in my feed. I chose the blogs to follow and I see new posts as soon as they are published.

It’s fantastic. And a great way to discover more fantastic blogs.

In light of celebrating the world of blogging, here are my favorites.

Miss Mustard Seed – French antiques and furniture at its finest. Her beautiful simple decor is so inspiring.

caned sofa makeover | miss mustard seed

Thrifty Decor Chick – She has amazing and affordable DIY projects. What’s better? She tackles big DIY projects and inspires me to do the same!

white board and batten walls

Liz Marie Blog– Incredible style. I love her decor and home. It’s so cozy and comfy.

Lovely neutral home decor - Great inspiration & source on where to find neutral home decor that is affordable!

The Nester – Fabulous style, better writing. I’ve been yapping about her a lot lately, and now you know why. I love her mix of fresh and quirk.


Thistlewood Farms – Another fabulous story teller with a beautiful home full of country loveliness.

farmhouse dining room

Young House Love – Rest in peace my favorite blog ever. This dynamite blogging couple are no longer posting projects, but their site is still up and archieved to my heart’s content. YHL tackles every imaginable DIY project, gives tips, and decorated their home in fun modern decor with great ease. It made me think again about modern decor.


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Do you have any other favorite blogs? I would love to hear about them! Let me know in the comments!