Re-Arranging the Guest Room

The transformation of the guest room is taking huge leaps and I can’t wait to share what the room will look like all done (well this stage of the makeover)- very soon!

A lot has happened in this room since I shared the inspiration post here. How about a little before photo for your viewing pleasure?

photo 1 (48)Since this photo, which was likely the week we moved in, I took down the curtains, valance, and mini blinds, got new bedding, hung blinds, and painted the walls and trim. Whew.

And since we’ve made all this progress, I decided to commit to making this room more functional and welcoming. The current layout wasn’t working a with the bed in front of the far window. It didn’t leave a good place to put a dresser or a bed because the closet and door to the room are across from that window. This left an awkward layout. Plus, it covered a significant part of the larger window in the room.

So, I started by moving the bed from in front of one window to in front of the other.

IMG_0045The window at the far end of the room from the door is longer than the other, so the bed in front of it blocked off some of the light brought in. Moving the bed takes advantage of the large window. It also made arranging furniture in the room easier because the bed didn’t face the door and closet which left awkward spaces for furniture placement. With the bed moved, I had a nice big wall across from it to work with.

IMG_0108We had decided to keep this two-toned grey dresser for the guest room so guests could have a place to unpack their clothes and not have to live out of a suitcase. I rolled it on in and was happy it fit perfectly. I also brought in the vintage floral channel back chair for the corner by the window so there is a place to sit and put your shoes on. Or stack bedding on.

IMG_0047Not only did this re-arrangement work better furniture-wise, but it also makes decorating easier. The room feels much more symmetrical now since the long wall is across from the bed and there are places for the chair and dresser that make sense.

You’ve also seen the new paint color and white trim! What do you think? I’ll share more about choosing the paint color and more pics in better lighting soon. The bamboo blinds have gone up as of now too and the curtains will be next! I’ll share this updated look soon- it looks great so far and brings privacy and make the room feel more cozy and warm.

Changing the arrangement of the furniture completely changed the look and functionality of the room- and that’s free! Sometimes you just need to take a step back and think about the layout. We put the furniture in the initial layout when we moved in and didn’t think anything of it. But with some perspective and evaluation of the features of the room, it became clear a different layout worked best and allowed us to accomplish more without it feeling thrown together with furniture in odd locations.

Is there a room in your house where the layout feels not quite right? If it’s not functional or feels awkward, move stuff around! It only takes a little bit of time and you might discover a layout that solves a problems and feels better. Keep in mind the general “rules” of furniture placement, but don’t get so tied to them it inhibits your space from working well for you.