New Paint Color: Picket Fence

That’s right, we are carrying a white.

It’s perfect- not too modern and bright but also not too creamy.

picket fence

The perfect subject to demo this perfect white? This dreamy antique waterfall dresser.

photo 3

When we bought this piece we were told it had been in the family since the ‘30s. It’s hard to verify that, but it certainly is old- similar ones are dated to the 1940s.

A lot of the wood had chipped off but some had been saved, thankfully. So I spent a good amount of time gluing, clamping, wood-filling, and sanding. And sanding.

Then I wiped it down with Mineral Spirits to prep for paint.

Picket Fence went on like a dream, needing two coats like all whites.

I covered with SC Johnson Paste wax and then got to my favorite part.

Putting the original gold-toned hardware back on. Seriously. Gorgeous.






What do you think of this dresser? Do you love the new color, Picket Fence? How about that yummy hardware?

PicMonkey Collage picket fence

Picket Fence is available for purchase at my booth in BrickCity Emporium. The dresser is also for sale for $350

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5 thoughts on “New Paint Color: Picket Fence

  1. I sure wish you had refinished that top. It was a beautiful walnut that would have looked great against the white body. Ditto on those inlays on very bottom. I paint as well, but if the wood is unique or in good shape, I try and salvage it. Sometimes the two-tone really makes the piece stand out. Especially this waterfall dresser.

    • Beth- thanks for stopping by! Sounds like a great idea. I would have refinished it if it was in good condition- but it wasn’t. The inlays were missing pieces and the amount that was in ok condition was not enough to save. I’m with you- I love saving wood that looks good though and have done it before!

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