Chalkboard Runner

For some reason I have struggled with decorating our kitchen table. I think it’s because it is a little on the small side when the leaves are not used. I would LOVE a more farmhouse-like table that is longer. Maybe someday.

But anyways, I fell in love with this chalkboard runner by Liz Marie Blog last year.

lmb runner

I love how you can layer decor on it and draw cute things pertinent to the seasons. Or use it to label food/dip/cookies…

So I made one.

chalkboard runner

Here’s how.

I used a leftover scrap of pine plywood I had from our bathroom vanity and cut it down to size with our saw. I made it 12” x 24” so it left room on the table for plates.


Then I spray painted with my Valspar chalkboard spray paint ($6 at Lowes), the same can I used for the chalkboard for our front porch here.


I did two coats per the instructions. As with ANY spray paint you want to do light, even strokes: keep your hand moving the entire time.

Here was after one coat…


Thankfully the second coat covered much better. I let it dry overnight and it was done! It was that simple.

I seasoned the board with chalk so that it will erase more easily in the future.


Then it was ready to host some pretty fall décor!


IMG_2000 IMG_2008

I love that I can use multiple smaller décor pieces on this and they feel cohesive and not lonely or random like they would without a runner.

chalkboard runner

I love it and can’t wait to change it up over and over.

P.S. There are Pin buttons on each photo so feel free to save it for a later day! :)

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