New Paint Color: Country Sage

It’s been a little crazy here at the All Things New home lately. Let’s just say, when it rains it pours. Thankfully, things are working out and we are just amazed at God’s grace in our lives. One of our beloved dogs is pretty sick and has to have a big surgery today to remove a large mass on his spleen. We have been pretty stressed for a few days wondering what the prognosis would be but the vet is hopeful he will do fine. He is one of our babies and we love him to pieces. We are so thankful for great vets who can take care of our fur babies.

In other news, I worked a lot this past weekend on projects to get the booth ready for the holidays. Yes, the Christmas holidays. I know, it’s barely November. But the Holiday Open House at BrickCity Emporium is this weekend and we are ready. I’ll post some pretty pics this week- or you can of course check out our Instagram here.

Anyways, on to a new paint color!

country sage

This lovely color is Country Sage. It’s warm and soft and looks comfortably worn.

I trialed this color on this gorgeous end table that I stripped and sanded.


The wood was just beautiful. I stained it in Dark Walnut by Minwax and sealed the top with wipe-on Polyurethane.


Finally I was ready to paint this pretty!


IMG_2184This is after one coat…


Another coat of Country Sage went on and I gently distressed with a sanding sponge. I sealed with a new wax I am trying out, Trewax. It’s much more natural, containing Carnauba oil, and so it doesn’t smell like the SC Johnson wax. I loved this wax because it went on so smooth and buffed perfectly (even comes with a buffing sponge)!

This lovely lady was done and looks fabulous!

IMG_2204 IMG_2205

I love the details in the hardware and emblums. IMG_2209

IMG_2208 IMG_2207

country sage

What do you think of Country Sage? Isn’t it a beautiful color?

This table is available for sale at BrickCity Emporium for $95.

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